Private label  & wholesale candles

The Candle Fusion Studio creates incredible custom products for businesses, retail stores, and special events. Perfect for clients, donors, employees, family and friends, our home fragrance products are uniquely designed for you. 

Hand-poured in our St. Louis studios, our soy candles are natural and long-burning. With over 100 scents available to choose from and blend together, your signature scent will be exclusive. Plus, unique packaging is the crown jewel. We feature a large selection of candle jars varying in style, shape and size. And, your logo/message can be featured in a variety of methods - custom labeling, candle jar screen printing, metalization and more.

Baby shower favors

The perfect take-home gift for baby showers and mom-to-be. Oh yes, we feature the sweet fragrance of baby powder and bubble bath. 

Bridal shower / wedding favors

Perfect for brides seeking truly signature gifts. Create your custom fragrance for your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and wedding favors. Plus, we can create amazing hotel gift baskets for your out-of-town guests.  

Special event gifts

Custom designed candles are fantastic gifts for galas, fundraisers, birthday parties & any special celebration. From heart-warming to humor, your custom creation will be unique and memorable. 

Boutiques / gift shops

Seeking an exclusive product to feature in your boutique or gift shop? Design a signature candle to match your brand, style and customer's desires.

Businesses / organizations

A growing trend among businesses is the incorporation of the persuasive sense of smell in their brand identity and client appreciation. We collaborate to make your vision come alive.  

Let's create together! 

Invite The Candle Fusion Studio to create premium, signature products for you. Ideal for everyone - the minimum order is only 12 candles.

We look forward to helping you create something exclusive! Please contact us for more details and pricing.

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